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“For God so loved that world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:18

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:17

“The hope of the righteous shall be gladness,” Proverbs 10:28a

“My purpose is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of understanding,” Colossians 2:2

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/2001 Remembered

9/11/2001 Remembered

I was in my home office with the tv on. All of a sudden Matt Lauer sais “something is happening in downtown New York.
All news then went to the first tower where the plane had flown into it. I called for my wife to come into the office to watch. The next thing was the second plane flying into the second tower. We knew we were being attacked. By whom, no one knew.
The news then came that a plane had flown into the Pentagon. I heart skipped a beat, knowing that our foster son Alex was there. Alex, a Naval Intelligence Officer  assigned to the Pentagon .
The news  about the Pentagon began to escalate, first the plane had flown into the Navy, Marine section,
Then it was stated that it was the Intelligencer section, I knew that was Alex’s section. I really began to be concerned about Alex’s safety . I immediately tried to call Alex to no avail. All the phones were totally tied up.
By this time we had talked with Valerie and Barry, our two birth children. Barry, lived in Florida, he said he would try from there to do all he could to try to get in touch with him.
We spent the next five hours in agony as we watched the television account of all that was happening, all the time not knowing anything about Alex.
At 1;00 o’clock we received an email from Alex. He was safe. The plane had stuck his office but he was ten minutes away from it. God had answered our prayers Alex was safe.
There were many  days of concern after that. Alex was one of the first men to go to Afghanistan chasing
Al Queda. He was awarded the Bronze Star for bravery while there.
One of the highlights of my life was to be able to take part in his retirement service from the Navy at the Pentagon.
After his retirement from the Navy he is still chasing the “bad guys” as an “counter-terrorism"  specialist.
We are very proud of Alex and all he does. We are also very proud of our other two children Valerie and Barry and all the do.

Jim Pollard.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Prayer Request

We received this prayer request tonight from some dear friends of ours.
God is great and is the Great Physician Please keep Tom ans Beata in your prayers.
Bro. Jim and Jeanetta Pollard

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello Dear Friends,

Tom and I want to ask you to join us in earnest prayer.

On Thursday, August 11, we went to see our oncologist. He is a very good doctor and believer. We like him very much; he is a really wonderful, caring person. A week before our visit I had another Ultrasound of my liver. This time it showed that the two tumors on my liver are growing and that in four months they have actually doubled in size.

During the last two and half weeks, I have been struggling with severe lower back pain. The previous tests showed that I had a couple of spots on the bones in that area. We are not sure, but after talking with our doctor, we understand the possibility that the pain might be caused by cancer as well. I'm also starting to experience some discomforts caused by my liver not functioning at its best, like lack of appetite and some nausea...

I asked our doctor to tell us honestly, in his medical opinion, how long it will take till death if things keep going the same way. He said in a few months. I asked him how this could look if I take chemo and perhaps some radiation. He said it might not work at all, it might work for a few months or this might help for several years.

As you see, there is no hope for complete healing if we look from the medical point of view. But from the beginning of this battle in 2004, we have hoped in the LORD. And since then, in our lives and ministry, He has shown Himself faithful time and time again.

We are standing on Abba’s promises and vision that He gave us when this battle began in 2004; promises of total destruction of this enemy, total restoration of health and a long life serving God and bearing His Kingdom fruit… all to His honor and glory!!! We are praying for my complete healing and restoration and a long fruitful life. We know and believe that for God everything is possible.

We ask you to join us in earnest prayer for complete healing. We believe that through this season, we will all be blessed by all God has for us! We all desire that God’s perfect will be done. At the same time, we know that in our love relationship with God, He desires to hear the deepest desires of His children. Please let Abba know if the desire of your heart is that He heals me, so I may live a long fruitful life serving Him.

I also want to share with you the verses that God has put on my heart and I encourage you to go and read these scriptures. They help me and teach me to pray in faith.
Hebrews 10:38, Hebrews 11:1, Hebrews 11:6, 2 King 20:1-11, Matthew 9:21-22

Please remember Tom also in your prayers. On August 18, he will have hip replacement surgery for his left hip.

We love you and pray that God will bless you beyond your imagination!!!

Your friends in Christ,

Beata & Tom

Posted Sunday night August 14, 2011
Bro. Jim Pollard  Ministries

May this song bless you.

I Then Shall Live

Miracle at the Bridge

Miracle at the Bridge

Psalm 106:2
Who can list the glorious miracles of Your hand, Lord? Who can ever praise You half enough? 

The car was sliding out of control on the snow covered road. It was heading straight for the concrete bridge on the opposite side of the road. Bill George my friend had already doubled over in the floor board to brace for the crash. So had our other rider sitting in the middle of the front seat. I crossed my arms in front of my face to protect my face from the glass I was expecting to come.

What happened next is something we have talked about for the rest of our lives. It happened fifty years ago and is as real in my mind today as if it happened yesterday.

No crash! A miracle had just happen and we were in the middle of it, Praise God.

It was early morning, it was dark, it was Winter, it was snowing and the roads were very slick. We had eight o"clock classes at Belmont College(now Belmont University) two hours away. 

But God had a Miracle for three young college students that they would remember and talk about for the rest of their lives.

The above picture shows the tire tracks of the car heading for the bridge and how God miraculously moved the car to the middle of the bridge without so much as a scratch on either of us or the car. Yes, I do believe that God is still in the miracle business to day. 

For too many people today try to explain away God's miracles  as luck or karma. They then wonder why they never see any modern day miracles. It's kinda like the scene in the Santa Clause movie where Santa(Tim Allen) is still trying to figure it all out, looking out the window at the North Pole, says I see a Polar Bear directing traffic but I don't believe it. At which Judy the Elf says, "Seeing is not believing, believing is seeing." 

The next time something out of the ordinary happens to you, look very closely to see if it was God intervening on your behalf.

The greatest miracle ever in my life, is the miracle that happened when I took Christ as my personal Savior. From that day forward I have the knowledge that whatever happens to me(and a lot sure has) that I have the blessed assurance of eternal life in Heaven with Christ as my Savior.

One of the lessons I have ever learned is that there is nothing I can do to cause God to love me any more or any less than He already has. 

Our prayer for you who read this is that you have the assurance of eternal life through Christ Jesus, The Messiah. You can receive eternal life by praying this simple, but powerful prayer. 
 "Jesus, I ask you to forgive me for my sins(wrongdoings) and receive(accept) you the true Son of God as my personal Savior. Amen.

Please let us hear from you, we rejoice in your decision, we will pray for you.
We want to hear from you, have a need  let us know, we will pray for you and your family.

Contact us at Jim@jamespollard.com 
Bro.Jim Pollard
Jim Pollard Ministries

Remember God loves you and so do we.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wise Men..Their Search and Journey and Your search and Journey

Have you ever though about the "three wisemen's" search and the journey they took that first Christmas season? In the Bible, Matthew 2:1-11 we find the account of their journey. There are some important things about them that we have passed over too quickly through the years.
One they really were wise men. They were learned men of the book. Apparently they were students of prophecy, because they were seeking the one prophesied of in the scriptures.
Also they were gentiles, how rare that gentile wise men would be the ones seeking the Messiah.
Thirdly they were men of great wealth as evidenced by the gifts they brought to the baby Jesus.
And finally they were willing to travel a great distance, through certain danger and at great expense and time to find the "promised one", Jesus Christ.

The wisemen's search for Christ the Messiah was prompted by a very bright and shining star. There were those that saw the star and thought of it only as a bright star in the sky. The wise men saw the star as a sign of God fulfilling an ancient prophecy written in the scriptures. So it is today God uses signs and wonders to bring our attention to things He wants us to be aware of. It could be a task to be preformed, a job to be done or a call to worship Him and praise Him for who He is. Throughout time God has used many ordinary signs and things to get our attention and to cause us to follow Him. That is one of the reasons it is so important for us to be listening to that small voice God places in our heart and be ready to follow whatever the cost. The benefits of following Christ far out weight the costs involved.

The journey for the wisemen was a journey of faith. And so our journey in seeking Christ must be a journey of faith. And when we follow Him, then that journey must a journey of faith. Faith that He will always be there, walking beside us and carrying us whenever necessary. the wonderful truth is that the Holy Spirit is always near to us. He doesn't move, when we feel that He is not there it is because we have moved away in our journey. God is Jehovah Jirah, our provider when we allow Him to do so.

Today, some read the Bible like Herod and the Priests of old did. They know all about Christ,but they do not know Him. Such knowledge will not save a person and obtain everlasting life for them. Everlasting life only comes from knowing Christ and accepting Him as God's only Son and receiving Him as your personal Savior.

You may have traveled far in your life's journey, just as the wisemen did in their search. They found the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Have you found the Messiah Jesus Christ in your life's journey? Someday this life will be over and all that will matter is did you find and know the Messiah Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Our prayer is that you will pray this simple prayer and receive  eternal life.
"Jesus, I accept You as my Lord and personal Savior. I ask You to forgive me of sin and write my name in your book of life. Thank you Lord for saving me and giving me eternal life. Amen.

It has been my privilege to share this with you. If you desire more information, please email me at Jim@jamespollard.com . We will be glad to send you more information.

May God richly bless you.
Bro. Jim Pollard